Frequently asked questions

1What types of services are possible with your cleaning equipment?
With this machine, we can clean sofas, mattresses, chairs, poufs, and any other soft textile furniture.
2Does the cost include the fee for on-site service?
Yes, our team will provide service at your home at time convenient for you.
3How long does the Dry cleaning process take?
The duration of the dry cleaning process depends on the size of the furniture and the extent of its dirtiness. However, the duration typically ranges from 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours. (Cleaning chairs, of course, takes a shorter time.)
4How disruptive is the noise during the dry cleaning process?
To make it easier to understand, the noise from the dry cleaning machine is slightly louder than that of a vacuum cleaner.
5Is it possible for me to stay in the house during Dry cleaning?
The dry cleaning process is completely safe for both humans and indoor pets. However, your presence during the dry cleaning process is entirely dependent on your preference.
6The dry cleaning process may or may not involve the use of a chemical hood, which is typically recommended for providing additional ventilation for cleaning procedures.
it is safe and not alarming
7It is risky to use a fluid?
The "Flued" used for cleaning experiments is not allergenic and is safe, both for children and animals.
8"After dry cleaning service, how long should the area be ventilated?"
Ventilation for approximately 4-5 hours is necessary, but the duration of airing depends on the size of the area, the temperature of the room, and the ventilation rate. During the period of ventilation, especially in the summer, this time is often shorter.
9The color of the fabric may change after the cleaning process.
The truth is, it will change! With its help, furniture becomes more likely new.
10Are you working on the weekend?
Yes, we are working every day of the week, and we can assist you at your convenience time.
11And still, what are the advantages of having a dry cleaning service at home?
You save time and money and get guaranteed results, which is essential. No need for anything to be transported; our team will serve you at your doorstep.

Frequently asked questions?

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