Soft furniture dry cleaning

Windows cleaning

cleaning after renovation.

General cleaning

Garage cleaning

backyard cleaning

pool cleaning service

Furniture cleaning

Company offers all king of furniture dry cleaning services


Auto Chairs

Dry cleaning service

PriceFrom 20Gel

Windows cleaning

Our services, included:

Windows cleaning

Window and mirror cleaning

Mirror washing-cleaning

basement cleaning

advertising banners

Cleaning of banners and Logo

General cleaning

For the general and post-renovation cleaning of apartments, houses, and commercial spaces, contact us, and send us your house or apartment video estimate via WhatsApp or Viber

Yard organization & cleaning

The landlords of private houses usually agree that yard maintenance and cleaning can be quite labor-intensive work.

Our professional team can assist you with a complete cleaning of your yard.

We provide yard cleaning using manual tools like rakes and brooms, or mechanized methods involving water or specialized cleaning equipment.

The removal of fallen leaves in the yard/garden can be accomplished using a special "leaf vacuum" or by manually picking them up by hand.

Yard cleaning, mowing

Planting trees and bushes, sorting flowers.

Grass cutting service. Installation of irrigation system.

Pool cleaning

We offer professional sewage system cleaning and technical maintenance. Our services include:

Gutter cleaning from leaves and debris on the roof

Cleaning of drains and gutters from water and leaves

Cleaning of gutters using manual methods and specialized equipment

Furniture dry-cleaning | One of the fastest and most requested services check out our services list on our website including furniture dry-cleaning service